This Week in Auto Body News

New Industry Resource from I-CAR

I-CAR has launched a new industry resource, the Repairability Technical Support (RTS) Portal, the company announced Friday.

The portal includes industry information on topics like original equipment manufacturers (OEM), partial parts replacements searches, the current top-10 vehicle-specific questions, and has an option to ask the organization a question.  RTS is part of I-CAR’s initiative to connect the auto body repair industry to OEMs.  The organization will also discuss OEMs at the I-CAR main stage during the 2014 NACE/CARS Expo & Conference, July 30–Aug. 2 in Detroit.

Key I-CAR Conference topics are:

  • Ford: CAFE and vehicle optimization challenge, and the new aluminum-intensive 2015 Ford F-150, Collision Repair Service strategy
  • Lightweighting: Carbon fiber, advanced steels, aluminum
  • Vehicle technology: The changing DNA of the vehicle
  • Advanced electronics, communications and safety: Collision avoidance, connected vehicles, vehicle data

Companies presenting at the Conference include:

  • Ford Motor Company
  • General Motors Corporation
  • Oak Ridge National Laboratory
  • Alcoa
  • Steel Market Development Institute
  • Robert Bosch LLC
  • The University of Michigan; Larry Burns PhD, and Transportation Research Institute
  • SCG Management

Enterprise ARMS Product May Help Reduce Cycle Time

Collision Repair shops that use Enterprise Rent-A-Car’s Automated Rental Management System (ARMS) have, on average, a shorter cycle time than those who do not, according to newly released data from Enterprise.

The ARMS product, initially developed in 1999, measures the length of time a customer uses a rental car, tracks and forecasts labor needs, and can generate monthly reports. The program also enables repair centers to book rental reservations and send vehicle status updates to insurance partners or customers.

Enterprise_Rent_a_Car_Logo2ARMS aims to help collision repair centers increase operating efficiencies, enhance customer service and streamline communications with insurance companies and customers.  According to data collected by Enterprise between January 2014 to May 2014, ARMS product users’ cycle time is nearly four days shorter than non-ARMS users, on average.

“Losing a customer due to perceived excessive repair time is costly for both collision repair centers and insurers,” Frank LaViola, assistant vice president of collision industry relations at Enterprise, said. “That’s why cycle time has become one of the most important performance metrics in the collision repair industry. With ARMS, communication between insurance companies, collision repair centers and car rental offices is streamlined to help reduce cycle time and get policyholders back in their cars sooner.”

Sanford Paint & Body and Martin’s Collision center are members of both I-CAR Gold and Enterprise.  We utilize the technology produced by both of these companies and will be implementing them as soon as they are available to the public.  We are excited for the recent developments in the industry, but also like to stick to old school ways – like offering you a free quote for your collision repair.  Contact us today for a free estimate!!