This Week In Auto Body and Collision Repair News

Membership Discount through I-CAR and NABC Partnership

The National Auto Body Council (NBAC) and I-CAR have come to an agreement via a partnership to offer a discount on both of their memberships.  The agreement was announced on May 21st and will include a discount on I-CAR Gold Class businesses all the way through the end of 2014.

Additionally, NABC will be providing prospective members with a 30% discount to their Bronze Membership.  The reason behind this is because of the shared goals that both NABC and I-CAR share in the auto body and collision repair industry.  Jeff Peevy, the senior director of field operations at I-CAR stated, “I-CAR and NABC have complementary goals of encouraging professionalism and promoting a positive image of our industry.”  He went on to say, “One of the best ways to achieve this is to support and enable the growth of an organization designed for this purpose.”

Once a business has obtained an NABC membership, they will be afforded opportunities to develop and sustain a prominent leadership position in the auto body and collision repair industry.  There are also various events that member businesses will be invited to attend such as First Responders Emergency Extraction, Distracted Driving Initiative and Recycled Rides.  The overall goal that both these companies share is to help promote a networking positive industry and to benefit off of each other’s successes, while helping to deal with failures.

Auto Sales Fall Short Of Automaker Recalls 


graphYear over year we have seen that recalls for manufactured vehicles have out-paced sales in the industry.  This data, provided by the Certified Automotive Parts Association (or CAPA) has caused quite a stir and an increase in discussions amongst auto manufacturers.  CAPA is challenging the major players in the manufacturing industry to reconsider their prevailing ideas about parts.

According to CAPA, due to more than 21 million cars being recalled in the past 5 months, we will experience the 5th year in a row where recalls outperformed total sales in the industry.  CAPA warns that this must be corrected for the automobile industry to remain liquid and to keep providing quality cars for affordable prices.

At Sanford Paint & Body and Martin’s Collision Center, you can rest assured that we are members of both I-CAR Gold as well as the NBAC.  Our customers and quality of work are our number one priority from start to finish.  We even offer to tow your car 24 hours a day, 7 days a week if you have been involved in an accident and organize a rental car on your behalf.  Visit our home page for more information on our services, hours and contact information!