Auto Glass Repair

Whether it is a scratch, dent, chip or crack of any window on your car, Sanford Paint & Body and Martin’s Collision is here to help you get the problem resolved as quickly as possible. We have all been on the receiving end of a rock hitting our windshield at one time or another, and that initial nick is enough to spread to a crack and ultimately compromise the integrity of your windshield. It is imperative that you get any chips or cracks repaired immediately in order to avoid having to replace the entire windshield or window.

When it comes to replacing an entire windshield, look no further than Sanford Paint & Body or Martin’s Collision. We accept all insurance carriers and more often than not you are covered for the cost of the windshield under your insurance policy. We offer same day replacement and will even provide you with a rental car if need be. We use a state-of-the-art process that ensures your entire old windshield is completely removed. Once it is removed from the car, we make sure that there are no glass fragments left behind so that when the new windshield goes in, it is as if nothing ever happened. Our adhesive will allow the car to be driven the same day and our 5-point quality inspection verifies that everything was done properly.

Our technicians have years and years of experience repairing or replacing cracked, chipped, scratched or auto glass. Whether you live in Orlando, Sanford or the surrounding area, we are more than happy to complete the repair or replacement for you. We’re building our business on quality, and quality is no accident!