Auto Body News Update

I-CAR Celebrates 35th Birthday

 There were several new updates to the auto body industry in the past several weeks that are worthy of mention here today.  First on the docket is I-CAR.  Inter-industry Conference on Auto Collision Repair (or I-CAR) celebrated its 35th birthday on Monday, July 1st.  For the past 35 years, I-CAR has been working to provide collision repair training courses for repair technicians.   Currently, I-CAR offers over 178 courses and has served a total of almost 9,000 businesses and over 56,000 prospective students.

Over the years, I-CAR has helped raise awareness of standards for education on repair techniques and safety procedures, which has had a direct correlation with the increase in customer satisfaction and workmanship integrity in the auto body repair industry.

Florida Lawsuit Against Insurers Gets Refiled

As we reported several weeks ago, there was a class action lawsuit filed by over 20 collision repairers in the State of Florida against 39 insurance companies.  The suit was dismissed without prejudice last week.

The suit currently alleges that State Farm has been at the center of an effort to reduce payments made to collision repair centers in Florida.  It has also been mentioned that these efforts have been made in order to suppress labor rates and to force shops to accept lower payments for materials required to make the necessary repairs.

On June 27th, district Judge Gregory Presnell requested more information about the complaints.  The judge specifically asked for further clarification surrounding specific instances where this happened and what shops were directly involved.  The plaintiffs in the case believe that they now have a strong case and should have a leg to stand upon when the case is finally brought before a jury.

valspar-logo-homeValspar Announces New Clearcoat Technology

On July 2nd, Valspar announced an addition to its Air Cure Clearcoat technology into the refinish product line that they offer.

The new Air Cure Clearcoat, or AD4200, as well as the Air Cure Clearcoat Low VOC, or AD4221, now offer to be applied in a wet-on-wet technique which has allowed them to cut the dry time on these clearcoats to be cut to as low as half an hour when drying in optimal conditions.  Valspar continues to lead the technology present in refinishing cars and has set the standard for the industry as a whole.

Martin’s Collision and Sanford Paint & Body has proudly been a member of I-CAR Gold certification since we have been in business.  In addition, we always use the state of the art training manuals as well as paints and clearcoats that are at the pinnacle of their industry.